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Tailored Intercultural Solutions

international executives

Transforming Executives into Global Leaders.
Preparing you for successful international leadership.

Global Leader

Understanding yourself, other cultures and developing intercultural intelligence

Multicultural Teams

Understanding how to manage multicultural teams

Intercultural Intelligence

Developing skills for effective leadership in a multicultural business context

Executive Woman

Insights into World Business Cultures for the Executive Woman

Country Spotlight

Understanding specific cultures and business protocols for effective results

International Mobility

Cultural intelligence for global careers through expat preparation and integration


tailored solutions

We offer a customised approach and combine different services to provide solutions to your specific needs. Every organisation is different and has particular challenges, we listen and offer bespoke programmes for each unique situation.

Having communication issues with international clients?

Strong multicultural teams

Learn how to create and manage a balanced integrated team

Global Leader

Development of leadership skills for multicultural and international teams

Integrating Cultural Diversity

Acquiring knowledge and tools to develop a well-integrated culturally diverse team

Location and mobility

Analysis of key criteria for successful integration and management of a team in a new country

Managing Virtual Teams

Ensuring effective results in virtual meetings with remote multicultural teams

International Negotiation 

Understanding cultural diversity and business protocol for effective negociation

Mergers and Acquisitions Cultural Integration 

Establish the integration of multicultural teams following a merger or acquisition

Intercultural Intelligence

Developing the skills for successful international negotiation and communication

Managing Global Teams

Effective management of multicultural teams for productive results

Want to ignite cultural diversity and inclusion?

Focusing on cultural diversity training will improve intercultural intelligence through raising awareness, examining attitudes and increasing knowledge and skills to prevent conflict and miscommunication, ultimately producing better business results.

Talks, Workshops, Training, Mentoring

We design an exclusive programme to create intercultural solutions for your organization.


Inspiration talks to ignite your cultural diversity journey.
An introduction to complex concepts in an accessible format.
Talks give an overview of different topics crafted according to your needs.

  • Cultural Diversity management
  • Becoming a Global Leader
  • Doing business in

Focus on a specific country or industry

Whether you need an in-depth knowledge of a new culture to do business there or would like to improve intercultural intelligence for a specific industry, we can create solutions.

Business solutions

Intercultural Diversity Plan

Understanding and managing cultural diversity.
Creating a plan using our Method.

1. Measure

Understand where you are.

2. Develop

Identify solutions.

3. Improve

Maintain and enhance results.


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