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We create a tailored plan offering solutions for your cultural diversity development.

Igniting your international results

I The Hub ignites Cultural Diversity.

I is for International results. 

I is the start of an Intra-personal journey.

I is the way to become an International leader.

I is the hub for Intercultural Intelligence.

I The Hub for your bespoke cultural diversity solutions.

Intercultural Diversity Plan

Through our proven method of raising awareness, examining attitudes and increasing knowledge and skills we can ignite change around cultural diversity and support you on the journey to inclusion and equity.


We use several tools to measure the intercultural intelligence levels in your team.


We then design a development plan tailored to your organization.



We measure results on a regular basis to maintain the level of intercultural intelligence achieved.

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Intercultural Diversity Plan

Understanding and managing cultural diversity


Inspiration talks to ignite your cultural diversity journey

Location and Mobility

Cultural intelligence for global careers

International Executives

Transforming executives into Global Leaders

Multicultural teams

Leading or being part of a culturally diverse team

Tailored Programmes

We can create specific programmes for your organisation’s needs

I the hub

Case studies

Learn how we developed different strategies for our clients through Executive coaching, talks and multicultural team training.

Multicultural diversity Inclusion

Transforming people and their minds

Building tailored solutions within multicultural teams

Inspirational Talks


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